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What is Flip

Flip is an initiative that sets out to put social enterprises and charities at the centre of the creation of social investment products. It's a social enterprise-led approach to social investment creation, that seeks to drive millions of pounds more investment into frontline social sector organisations, and revolutionise the way in which social investment products get designed, and delivered. It is a prototype, rapidly hacked together over two days during the Social Invest Fest. However, it draws on the knowledge and expertise of social enterprises, investors, wholesalers, policy experts and design-thinking experts. We're confident it could inspire a significant step change in the ability of the social investment market to meet true demand.

Why it's needed

Vast swathes of social enterprises and charities are deeply frustrated with social investment. It should be a useful tool to scale and support social sector organisations, yet for many social entrepreneurs and charity heads, it is not. It can feel like a minefield of complicated jargon where, once navigated, social investment is not available in the amount, form and terms that would best meet their investment needs.

What it could achieve

We believe that the simple idea of flipping around the social investment product design process will have a radical impact on the way the social investment marketplace works. Flip would embrace the best talent of the whole social enterprise space and social investment sector, fundamentally, putting social enterprises in the driving seat of the process.